I’m a 39 year old mother of 2 daughters and a born again book lover.  I recently started reading again and I am excited to share my passion for adult books.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a  major in Dramatic Arts.  I always wanted to be an actress, but I also have a passion for writing.  I wrote a lot of sad, dark poetry as an outlet for the emotional turmoils I endured as a teenager and young adult.  When I became a wife and mother, my creative outlets were shelved.  Now that they kids are older and more independent, I am very much enjoying my creative side again.

It’s sort of a funny story how I came back to books again.  When the movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out, a friend invited me to go see it in the theatre.  I sort of cowered at the idea.  I’m by no means a prude and me and a couple close friends are known to share details about sex, but I had a preconceived notion that the movie (or the books) wouldn’t be something I would enjoy.  But I went to the movie, because who the hell can say no to a girl’s night out?  Not me!  At the end of the movie, I knew I had to go and buy the books.  I had enjoyed the movie but I can’t stand a cliffhanger so I had to know what happened next.  The next day I purchased the 50 Shades Trilogy.  I read those damn books FOUR TIMES.  As much as I enjoyed the movie, the book really is SO much better!  Somewhere after the second time around I realized it wasn’t the kink that drew me in, but the bond between two characters in the book and the drama that revolved around them.  I realized that through the story I was able to awaken an emotional side of myself that I had hidden away a long time ago.  It was like reading was fulfilling an emotional need I hadn’t fed in a long time.

After the Fifty Shades books, I moved onto Sylvia Day and J. Kenner books.  I found Facebook groups and pages devoted to sharing and reviewing adult novels and my TBR list has been plentiful ever since, as well as the list of authors I enjoy reading and following.  I enjoy all types of erotic romance.  From books that make me laugh out loud, to dark and twisted tales, to books that make me cry.  What can I say? I’m an actress at heart and I like to feel it all!

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews.  If you would like to follow me you can find me on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter.  Happy reading!


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